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Updated information on Navajo Nation Puppy Adoption Program.

The Navajo Nation Puppy Adoption Program is located about two miles east of Window Rock, Arizona in Tse Bonito, New Mexico on the south side of Highway 264. For more information, contact them at (505) 371-5220.

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Navajo Nation Puppy Adoption Program
Navajo Nation Puppy Adoption Program

Print out and distribute the Puppy Program flyer in your community! (Acrobat required.)

Thanks for being part of the solution.


What is the program about?

The Puppy Adoption Program is dedicated and committed to help solve the pet overpopulation problem on the reservation. Our program rescues unwanted pets and places them in homes where they will receive constant and consistent loving care. Our goal is to strongly emphasize and increase awareness in the Navajo community that local animal shelters are good resources for pet adoption. Finally, to promote the Puppy Adoption Program to the public as a professional and caring organization with many worthwhile programs.

A Rising Problem - Reservation Wide

The numbers continue to increase rapidly on a daily basis for unwanted pets. This problem is occurring within every community. Animals go unfed, unsheltered, and are often being dumped off wherever is most convenient. This alone brings disharmony, first and foremost, to the animal and it continues on to us as a people. We are affected by this problem in many ways, such as a young child playing outside or an elder herding sheep when along comes a stray dog who may attack either one of them or may come in close contact and spread disease.


For years now, our people have faced many challenges in all perspectives of our lives as individuals, as a community, as people, last but not least, as a Nation. We have overcome many obstacles with thanks to our elders who have brought us thus far with very little issues and problems. Here we are in the 20th century. How can we now help our elders, our community, our nation in balancing the People with Nature? It is our duty as people to bring harmony back to Mother Earth.

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Make a Difference - Become a Volunteer in Your Community!

What it takes to commit to being a volunteer for the Navajo Nation Puppy Adoption Program:

  • Welcome puppy or puppies into your home for a minimum of 10-12 weeks, at which point they will be placed on an adoption truck to be adopted to families off the Navajo reservation.
  • Clean shelter, food, and water.
  • Give puppy utmost tender loving care!
  • Take puppy/puppies to Vet clinic for check up and vaccinations every 3 weeks.

P.O. Box 1450
Window Rock, AZ 86515

Phone:   Tse Bonito, NM, Office: (505)371-5214
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