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For Kids

Kids and animals are a natural combination. The best thing you can do is learn all you can about what you can do at home and in your own neighborhood to help the animals, and then teach other people. The links below take you to cool sites where you can learn a lot.

Kind News Online has a clubhouse and games that change each month.

Teenagers who care about animals and how they are treated might want to visit Humane Teen.

Take a look at Best Friends Schoolhouse. There is a list of How Kids Can Make a Difference, and resources for teachers and students, with lots of links to other info. See this Top Ten List of things you can do to help animals.

Visit Just for Kids at the American Humane Association. It has a lot of cool games, and facts, and info on how kids can help animals.

Take a look at Kind Planet, where there is an animal sanctuary, "Poop Pages", games, jokes, humane education, and a whole lot more.

Visit the Humane Society's Dog Bite Prevention website.

The National Wildlife Federation has a beautiful website for kids called Go Wild.

The Fund for Animals Learning Zone for Kids has coloring books, comic books, and stories about helping animals.

The ASPCA's Animaland has lots of info, and really cool sounds on their website.

Defenders of Wildlife Kids Planet has really cool games, lots of facts, and a story told by a spider.

Check out Humane Kids at the East Texas Humane Society. There is a whole page of drawings of kids and their pets.